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About Blimey

Blimey has his origins in the US, although he now spends most of his time in Europe based in London in the UK. He has studied in the US and Europe.


He is said to be influenced by a number of leading exponents of pop art, including Peter Blake, Roy Lichenstein, Banksy and Andy Warhol. He is also interested in computer-generated graphics and 3D art.


His work features allusions to historical and contemporary themes and images, and he has a strong interest in wildlife and animal themes as we relate to them in everyday life. His work today is mainly figurative and he professes to have little interest in abstract art.


His work in the main uses multimedia, silkscreen, giclee and photographic printmaking, invariably in limited editions of 100 or less.


A critic has written of his work that "Blimey brings a fresh and colorful approach to urban and rural subjects, something he has referred to as urbanal art. His work offers a fresh and exciting approach to everyday themes for everyday people. His rich and original use of colour and composition is evident in his eye-catching and imaginative design and print technique."


Blimey's work is in a number of private collections. He is represented by Storm Fine Arts in the UK and can be seen at Saatchi Online and other online art galleries.

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